SCI 340 Labs

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Term 2

Lab 1Entropy [spreadsheet]
Lab 2Hooke’s law
Lab 3Waves
Lab 4Fields
Lab 5Electric charge
Lab 6Potential and field
Lab 7Resistor circuits
Lab 8RC circuits
Lab 9Current and magnetic field
Lab 10Faraday’s law
Lab 11Reactance
Lab 12Color gradient bars

Term 1

Lab 1Graphs of motion
Lab 2Projectile range
Lab 3Vector addition
Lab 4Forces on an incline
Lab 5Force and Acceleration
Lab 6 (no PDF)Vector Racing
Lab 7Conservation of Momentum
Lab 8Ballistic Pendulum
Lab 9Rolling Downhill
Lab 10Torque and Moment of Inertia
Lab 11Fluids
Lab 12Standards quizzes
Lab 13Specific Heat
Lab 14Latent Heat

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