Physical Science (SCI 111) Standards

1.  Sun and Moon: Describe the orbital features of the sun-earth-moon system, including seasons, eclipses, and phases. 

2.  Scaling: Describe and apply the scale of distances and sizes of the Solar System. 

3.  Tectonics: Describe plate dynamics, identify the types of plate boundaries, and explain the features and processes that occur at each type of boundary. 

4.  Science: Define and explain the relationships between scientific observations, laws, and theories. 

5.  Wegener: Explain how and why the theory of plate tectonics became generally accepted. 

6.  Hot Spots: Describe the features of hot spots and explain the land forms and activities attributed to hot spots. 

7.  Volcanoes: Identify and describe the different types of volcanoes, how they behave, and how their properties determine their form. 

8.  Faults: Define the major types of fault movement and the crustal environments that cause them. 

9.  Shaking: Apply and interpret the Modified Mercalli intensity scale and the Moment Magnitude scale to understand the severity of earthquakes. 

10.  Countours: I can describe a landsacape and identify its features qualitatively and quantitatively using the information from a topographic map. 

11.  Rock Cycle:  Explain how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks form.

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