Meteorologic Data

Here are links to some sites that have useful information about the weather of locations in the U.S. and worldwide.

World Climate
Find monthly climate data for weather stations around the world.  Sometimes has latitude, longitude, and elevation of weather stations.
Weather Underground
Find current weather data for many locations worldwide.  Often provides latitude, longitude, and elevation of weather stations.
National Weather Service
Pretty much contains all the data that exist about U.S. weather.  It may be somewhat hard to find what you are looking for, because there is just so much information here.
NCAR RAL Real-Time Weather Data
A site giving access to lots of weather data.  Operated by the Research Applications Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
Weather Web
From UW’s Department of Atmospheric Science.  Provides access to real-time and archived observation data for stations all over the U.S., and can generate weather maps with a variety of variables plotted.  Tons of stuff, but it takes some practice to figure out how to use it and what it means, and sometimes some of the features don’t work.
Weather data, analysis, and forecasts, from the American Meteorological Society.
NOAA Climate Prediction Center
longer-term predictions and analysis; seasonal outlooks, El Niño

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