St. John Bosco Cluster STAR Committee

Minutes of 25 January 2017 meeting

Kamterwe TDC, 9:00 AM

Richard Barrans, Champhira CDSS
Elijah Chirwa, St. John Bosco Secondary School

The meeting began at 9:30 AM.


Dr. Barrans begin the meeting with a brief overview of the STAR assessment developed by US Peace Corps Volunteer Tyler Hook.  The assessment was carried out in the St. John Bosco cluster in 2015.  It consisted of 20 “indicators” in five “areas”.  Assessment data were gathered from inspection, review of records, teaching observations, and questionnaires and interviews with teachers and students. 

Before undertaking a second assessment, Mr. Barrans asks for a review and discussion by this committee.  Ideally, the assessment will be used by schools to make action plans and to communicate their strengths and needs to ther communities, the government, donors, their staff, and students. 

Possible questions for consideration include:

Dr. Barrans proposed redefining the assessment’s areas and indicators.  The proposed list of new areas and indicators can be found in the document “indicators”. 


Because of the low turnout, it was not possible to take any actions.  We agreed that Dr. Barrans should find the names and contact information for the committee members, so that in the future he can contact them directly when scheduling and announcing a meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.

Next meeting

A proposed agenda for the next committee meeting can be found in the document “Agenda_Meeting1.”

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